Vector Unwrapper

This tool converts a vector into another vector suitable for using with the two-rail sweep tool to create rotary models from a desired cross section.

To unwrap the vector, to the following:

  1. Select the contour you wish to unwrap
  2. Use the options or the drag handle to select the center of the unwrapping
  3. Press

The contour generated can now be used with the two rail sweep tool to create rotary models.


This tool is only available in rotary projects.

[object Object]
Vector before unwrapping. The drag handle and a circle demonstrating the diameter of the model are shown.
[object Object]
Vector after unwrapping

Center of Rotation

The center of rotation for the unwrapping changes the unwrapping of the contour so that when the resulting contour is used to create a rotary model, the center of rotation of the model is the chosen point.

Use center of contour

Sets the center of rotation to be the center of the bounding box of the selected contour

Use center of workspace

Sets the center of rotation to be the center of the workspace.

Use custom point

Sets the center of the job to be a specified point. The custom point can also be chosen by selecting the drag handle and dragging to the desired point.

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Drag Handle

Refine unwrapped vectors

Typically the resulting unwrapped contour will contain a large number of nodes. Selecting this option will result in an unwrapped contour with far fewer nodes.