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Transform Objects

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The Transform Objects section contains all the icons which relate to commands for moving, sizing and manipulating objects.

Quick Keys

This reduces the time to create accurate geometry by allowing typed values while creating geometry. This is supported for creation of circles, ellipses, rectangles, polygons, stars, polylines and when in editing nodes or transforming vectors.

For example, while dragging to create a circle, typing 3R will create a circle with a radius of 3.

Inputting a Value

Input mechanism is as follows:

  1. Input the value first, and Enter to execute the default action (if applicable)
  2. Input the value first, and then a letter indicating the type of action required.
  3. Input 2 values separated by a comma, and Enter to execute a specified action (usually width and height or X and Y).
Input format is as follows:
  1. Some actions require several input values.
  2. In that case, it will be valuelettervalueletter
  3. The action will be performed automatically once all letters required for that action have been entered.

You can enter a value and press Enter which will perform the default action.

The input times out after 5 seconds, if nothing was entered.

The value could be a simple expression, similar to that used from some of our text fields.

A full list of shortcuts can be found on the Shortcuts page