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Draw Star Form

Draw Star

Stars can be created interactively with the cursor and Quick Keys, or by entering the number of points, exact coordinates and outer radius and inner radius percentage using typed input.

Note: Pressing the Space-bar re-opens the last vector creation form you used. This is very useful when using other forms in between each shape you create.

Interactive - cursor

The quickest and easiest way to create a star is by clicking and dragging the shape to size in the 2D View using the mouse.

Note: Holding Alt and dragging creates a star from the middle point.

As the cursor is dragged across the screen so the outer radius is dynamically updated. The increments will depend upon your snap radius and the job size.

Quick Keys

Instead of releasing the left mouse button when you have dragged your shape to the required size, you can also type exact values during the dragging process and set properties precisely.


By default, entering a single value will be used to set the outer radius of your star. While you are dragging out the star, type Radius ValueEnter to create a star with the precisely specified outer radius.


Quick Keys Result
2.5Enter Creates a star with an outer radius of 2.5, all other settings as per the form.

Specifying Further Properties

By using specific letter keys after your value, you can also indicate precisely which property it relates to.

Note: When specifying multiple properties with quick keys, it is still important that they are entered in the order indicated in the table below.
Quick Keys Result
ValueD Creates a star with the outer diameter (D) specified, with all other properties as per the form.
ValueIValueR Creates a start with the inner radius percentage (I) and the outer radius (R). The inner radius is defined in terms of a percentage of the outer radius or diameter. All other properties are as per the form.
ValuePValueR Creates a star with the specified number of points (P) and the outer radius (R).
ValuePValueIValueR Creates a star with the specified number of points (P), inner radius percentage (I) and the outer radius (R).

Note: Diameter (D) values are interchangeable with radius (R) values in the combinations above.


Quick Keys Result
1R Outer radius (R) 1, other proporties as per form.
1D Outer diameter (D) 1, other properties as per form.
6P1R An 6 pointed (P) star with an outer radius (R) of 1.
6P1D An 6 pointed (P) star with an outer diameter (D) of 1.
6P25I4D A 6 pointer (P) star with an outer diameter (D) of 4 and an inner diameter that is 25% of the outer (i.e. 1).

Note: These key combinations must be pressed whilst dragging with the mouse during shape creation.

Exact Size

Stars can also be drawn by entering the Number of Points, Center Point, Outer Radius and Inner Radius Percentage.


The selected shape is displayed as a dotted magenta line.

To modify another star without closing the form hold a Shift key down and select the next star.

Close the form

To finish drawing with the tool, you can: