Set Size

Selected items in the 2D View can be accurately scaled or resized using this option.


The anchor position determines the point on your selected object's bounding box that will be resized to the dimensions entered.

Link XY

Checking ✓ this option will always scale the height and width in proportion. Leaving the Link option unchecked allows non-proportional scaling

Auto Scale Z

This option sets a specific mode of scaling for 3D Components. When it's checked, ✓ scaling a model component in X or Y will result in it also scaling proportionately in Z, as such if you increase its size in X and/or Y then its Z Height will also increase and conversely when you reduce its X and/or Y size it will shrink in height. When it is unchecked then the Z Height of your Components will remain constant regardless of any X and/or Y scaling done either within this form or dynamically using the mouse in the 2D or 3D View.

Interactive Sizing

The default mode is to enable selected items to be scaled interactively by clicking twice with the mouse.
The process is:

  • Select the vectors
  • Click a second time to activate the interactive options - handles on the selection box
  • Click and drag on the white handles

The keyboard shortcut T opens the Scale form in interactive mode