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Modeling Tab Title
Modeling Tab

The Modeling Tab

All of the tools relating to the creation, editing and management of your 3D components can be found on the Modeling tools page, which is normally available as a tab at the bottom left of your screen next to the Drawing tab.

The Modeling tools tab is divided into two sections. The top section hosts the tools that relate to 3D components (including the relevant tools that are also accessible from the Drawing tab). The lower section lists all the components and component groups currently in the model - this is referred to as the Component Tree.

The Modeling Tool Group

Click on an icon to learn more about it:

Modeling Tools
Create Shape Icon Two Rail Sweep Icon Extrude & Weave Icon Turn and Spin Icon Sculpting Icon Create Texture Area Icon Add Zero Plane Icon Model Creation Tools
Import Component Icon Created a Component From Selected or Imported Bitmap Icon Export Model as an STL file Icon Model Import Export Tools
Clear Area Inside Vectors Icon Clear Area Outside Vectors Icon Split Component Icon Create Vector Boundary Icon Bake Selected Components Create Component From Visible Model Icon Emboss Component Icon Model Editing Tools
Component Properties Icon Smooth Components Icon Add Draft Icon Offset Model Icon Scale Z Height Icon Slice Model Icon

Model Creation Tools

The first row of icons within the modeling tools section of the modeling tab represents all of the impressive modeling functions that allow you to create components from scratch.

Model Import Export Tools

The second row of icons in the modeling tools enables us to import and export 3D data. The software has the ability to import 3D data from Vectric e.g (V3M, 3DClip etc.) as well as data from third party software e.g STL files. As well as importing 3D models you have the option to export any models that you create in the software to three different file formats, STL, OBJ and POV.

Model Editing Tools

The last two rows of icons in the modeling tools represent a number of powerful tools available that enable us to easily edit existing components that we have in the current session starting with Clearing or splitting Components techniques.

Add Zero Plane

Add Zero Plane Icon Creates a component that is the size of your job setup with a height of Zero.