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Gadgets Dialog


Aspire supports extensions to its core functionality through add-in tools called Gadgets. Gadgets can be downloaded and installed at any time. Installed Gadgets are accessible from the main Gadget menu, which is built dynamically each time Aspire starts up.

Additional Gadgets become available from time to time, and are available for download from http://gadgets.vectric.com.

Gadget Shortcuts

Shortcut can be set to run a chosen gadget from the list of gadgets. To set the gadget shortcuts select the Gadget Shortcuts button from the Gadgets menu.

You may then assign one of the predefined shortcut keys to run a chosen gadget. The available shortcut keys are Ctrl and a function key.

Preinstalled Gadgets

A number of Gadgets are included as part of the default installation of Aspire. These are all available from the Gadgets menu: