Measure - Inspect

The Measure tool allows you to find important information about your model or drawings.

Measure Between 2 Points

With this option selected, you can click on two points in the 2D View and the form will report the measurements between the clicked locations


Straight line distance between the two points.


The angle (in degrees) of the line joining the two points, where horizontal is zero degrees and vertical is ninety degrees.

X Distance

The separation between the two clicked points in X only.

Y Distance

The separation between the two clicked points in Y only.

First Point

The precise X and Y coordinates of the position first clicked.

Cursor Position

The dynamically updated coordinates of the mouse cursor position.

Span / Contour Properties

This mode allows you to find precise information about the individual spans of a vector shape in 2D View. Use your mouse pointer to click on any part of the shape and the information relating to the entity you have clicked will be displayed on the form.


The type of span you have clicked.
Possibilities include:

  • Line
  • Arc
  • Bezier Curve


The length of the clicked span.

Start Point and End Point

The precise coordinates of the node forming the start and end of the selected span.


Information relating to the whole vector, of which the selected span is part, is shown in this section.


The total area of the selected vector


The total length of all the spans forming the perimeter of the shape

Num. Spans

The total number of spans in the shape.

Model Cross Section

The Model Cross Section option allows you to select two points on the 2D View and create a new vector that shows the corresponding cross-section of the underlying 3D model.