View Toolbar

Above the view window is a handy toolbar that allows easier access to common tools. With the ability to create a double sided project you have easy access to switch between the Top and Bottom Sides of your project. The Layers Drop down bar has now moved from the drawing tab to the View Toolbar, making it accessible at all times. The other icons displayed in order of left to right are as follows

Snapping Toggle Options

Snap to geometry

Smart Snapping

Snap to Grid

View Controls

Toggle Pan / Twiddle View

Zoom to box

Zoom to drawing

Zoom to selection

Toolpath Drawing Toggle

Toggle 2D Toolpath Drawing

Toggle solid 2D Toolpath Drawing

3D Drawing

Toggle drawing of material block

Tile 2D & 3D View Windows

Stack 2D and 3D View windows vertically

Stack 2D and 3D View windows horizontally

Two-Sided Machining

When you are working on a two-sided job additional icons will appear on the View Toolbar. On the left you will see an icon indicating whether the job you are working on will be flipped horizontally or vertically. This is important because the software will automatically mirror your toolpaths and geometry around different axes depending on this setting. To maintain the correct alignment of your toolpaths you must physically turn the material on your CNC machine in the same direction as you have specified during the design process.

Turn horizontally from left to right

Turn vertically, end over end


This icon is just for you information and does not perform any operation; it is not clickable.

The next button indicates which side you are currently working on. It is a toggle button that can be clicked. Clicking this button swaps the active side of your job.

Top side is active, all operations will apply to the Top side.

Bottom side is active, all operations will apply to the Bottom side.


The rulers that border the 2D View are colored to provide a handy visual indicator as to which side is currently active. An Orange background indicates that the Bottom side is currently active and any drawing or toolpaths are associated with the Bottom Side of your design.

The final additional tool for two-sided job is on the right hand side of the View Toolbar and it allows you to toggle the 3D composite relief to show either the currently active side or your model only, or both sides of your model as a single solid block.

Toggle Two-Sided View