Toolpath Tree

The Toolpath Tree is located at the bottom of the Toolpath Tab below the Operations section (toggle tab visibility using Shortcut key F12).

This area displays in a tree , the name of each calculated toolpath with a check-box to turn the visibility of the toolpath in the 3D View on and off. The icon next to the check-box shows the type of tool selected for that particular toolpath.

Double-Clicking the name of any of the toolpaths will open up the toolpath strategy window for that toolpath and allow edits to be made to it.

Right-Clicking on the toolpath shows a menu which is described in more detail in the Right Click Menus Page.

Sheets Filter

The Sheets Filter, located just above the toolpath tree itself, allows you to filter the toolpaths by sheet.

  • Selecting a particular sheet from this drop down list will make that sheet active and the tree will only show the toolpaths associated with that sheet.
  • If you select All Sheets from the drop down list the tree will display all toolpaths on all sheets. In this view, those toolpaths associated with inactive sheets will be displayed faded out, although all operations can still be performed on them.

Toolpath Groups & Sheets

Toolpath groups are not associated with any sheet and so will be shown in all circumstances.

Up and Down Arrows

The up and down arrow buttons to the right of the window allow the user to move the selected toolpath up and down in the list.

This will affect the order the Toolpaths are previewed in and if multiple toolpaths are saved as a single file, then this will be the order that the machine cuts them in.


You can adjust the space available for the Toolpath list by clicking and dragging the divider that separates the Toolpath List from the Toolpath Operations section, up or down.

Two-Sided Job

The toolpath list shows the list of toolpaths on the current side only. The label at the top will change to indicate whether you're viewing the Top / Bottom sides. To view the toolpaths on the opposite side, just switch sides from the View Toolbar.

Toolpath Groups

It is possible to add groups into the toolpath tree to help with toolpath organization.

Adding a group

There are two ways to add a Toolpath Group:

  • Right click on an empty space in the toolpath tree and click
  • Or, right click and choose . This will take of the visible toolpaths and group them together.

Remove a Group

You can delete a toolpath group as you usually would delete any toolpath. Either via the right-click menu, or with the delete key. However when you delete a toolpath group then you will be asked if you want to keep the sub toolpaths or also have them deleted.

Add Toolpaths to a Group

You can move toolpaths in and out of groups by dragging them in the toolpath tree.