Show Toolpaths Tab

Can be checked ✓ on or off to pin the Toolpath Tab open or unpin and hide it.

Recalculate All Toolpaths

Recalculate all toolpaths in the project.

Toolpath Drawing ►

Opens the Toolpath Drawing submenu.

Preview Simulation Quality ►

This controls the resolution (number of points) in the Toolpath Preview simulation model governing the amount of detail that the model will display when you Preview and toolpath. The higher the quality, the slower the speed of simulation will become. Guidelines are given on how much slower you should expect it to be but these will depend upon the performance of the PC and relative size of the tool being used to your job (the larger the tool, the slower the performance).

  • Standard is the fastest mode and recommended for low performance PC's.
  • High (2 x Slower) displays better quality images and is for general use.
  • Very High (4 x Slower) displays good quality images, but will run a little slower.
  • Extremely High (8 x Slower) gives good quality images but will run slower on old PC's.
  • Maximum (25 x Slower) gives the best quality image, but could take a lot longer on any PC.

Templates ►

Opens the Toolpath Templates submenu

Merge Visible Toolpaths

Opens the Create Merged Toolpath Form to merge different toolpaths that use the same tool into one optimised toolpath.

Create Job Sheet

Creates a job setup sheet which gives an overview of all of the toolpaths in the job. This opens a File Save As dialog prompting for a place to save the created sheet. The created job setup sheet is a single page of HTML, suitable for viewing in a web browser of your choice, or for printing. This can also be customized with the Job Setup Sheet Editor in the Gadgets Menu.


Opens the Material Management dialog of the Tool Database

Tool Database...

Opens the Tool Database Dialog.

Toolpath Drawing sub-menu

Draw 2D Previews

Can be checked ✓ on or off to display the toolpath previews in the 2D View.

Make 2D Previews Solid

Can be checked ✓ on or off to switch from the wireframe view to a solid view.

Auto Open 3D View

Selects whether the 3D view and Preview Toolpaths Form are automatically shown after toolpaths are created.

Draw rapid moves

Toggles the visibility of red rapid-speed move lines on the 3D view when toolpaths are visible.

Draw plunge moves

Toggles the visibility of cyan plunge-speed move lines on the 3D view when toolpaths are visible.

Draw retract moves

Toggles the visibility of green retract-speed move lines on the 3D view when toolpaths are visible.

Draw join moves

Toggles the visibility of purple join move lines on the 3D view when toolpaths are visible. A join move is a purely 2D move between toolpath contours, these are typically seen in Offset pattern Pocket Toolpaths.

Templates sub-menu

Save Selected Toolpath as Template

Saves the toolpath that is currently selected as a template for use in another project.

Save All Visible Toolpaths as Template

Saves all of the currently visible toolpaths as a single template for re-use in another project.

Load Template

Loads a previously stored template containing all the settings for one or more toolpath strategies.