This manual is designed to provide a comprehensive description of all the functions, tools, menus and icons available within the Cut2D Desktop software package.

Access this document from Cut2D Desktop's Help Menu ► Help Contents or from the Cut2D Desktop folder in the program section of your Windows Start menu.

User Guides, tutorial and training

Please note that this document is a Reference Manual. If you require more guidance, or are still learning how to use Cut2D Desktop, please ensure that you view the Getting Started Video Tutorials in the Cut2D Desktop Video Tutorial Browser when starting the software, or go to the User Manual section

Cut2D Desktop also includes an extensive selection of video tutorials, which are accessible from the Tutorial Video Browser link when application first starts. These tutorials cover every aspect of Cut2D Desktop's functionality and range in complexity from a beginner's overview, to advanced features and principles. They are intended to be extremely accessible by level of experience or topic and use real-world examples throughout. Videos can be watched online, or installed locally.

We welcome any comments on this manual or the other training material, please email with your feedback.

Main Window

Design Tab
File Operations
Create Vectors
Transform Objects
Edit Objects Vectors
Align Objects
Offset and Layout
Toolpaths Tab
Toolpath Operations
Sheet Management Tab
Layers Tab