Help Contents

Displays an online version of the full reference manual that documents every feature and option available in the software.


The reference manual is not intended as a User Guide or introductory training resource - please don't forget about the Getting Started guides and the extensive video tutorial library on your install media.

Keyboard Shorcuts

Displays the Shortcut Keys

Video Tutorial Browser...

Access the tutorials

What's New

See a summary of the new features added in major and minor updates.

Release Notes

See the list of issues fixed and enhancements in patch updates.

Third Party Licences

Display a list of all the third party software used to help create VCarve Desktop.

Enter License Code

Displays the License Dialog used for entering license or module details.

View the Vectric Online FAQ...

Displays the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

View the Vectric User Forum...

Opens the Vectric User Forum in your Web Browser if you have an Internet Connection. Everyone should join the Forum to engage with other users and benefit from each others tricks and tips!

Visit Vectric Support online...

Opens the Vectric Support Website in your Web Browser if you have an Internet Connection.

Visit Vectric User Portal...

Opens the Vectric User Portal in your Web Browser if you have an Internet Connection. Download software installation files, activation codes and Clip Art included with the software.

Post Processor Editing Guide

Opens the page explaining how to create and edit your own post processors.

Migrate From Older Version

Opens a dialog to enable the settings in the last version of VCarve Desktop to be copied to the latest version.

Check for Updates

Try this periodically to check (through the Internet) if an update is available for your software.

Run Kickstarter

Opens a wizard allowing the user to get started.

About VCarve Desktop...

This window displays the version of the software being used, to whom the software is license and the type of license.