Job Templates

Job templates are files which can hold frequently used dimensions, machine settings, or geometry. They are like regular .crv3d or .crv files apart from a few important differences:

  • They have different file extensions (.crv3dt and .crvt)
  • When templates are opened, if you then decided to save them they will not overwrite the template, they will behave as though they are new files.
  • The default save and load location is shared only across templates

Creating a Job Template

To create a job template you will need to create a job like you usually would, with the required dimensions and machining setup. You can also add geometry that you want to form part of the template. Then click File > Save As Template and save the file in the desired location.

Using a Template

A template can be opened using the New file from template option on the start panel. Or alternatively from the File > New file from template top menu bar.

Editing an Existing Template

To edit an existing template open it up in the usual way, by going to File > New file from template, once you have made the changes to the template you can save over the existing file by going to File > Save As Template in the top menu bar.