Job Setup Sheet Editor

The Job Setup Sheet Editor is a gadget which enables you to personalise the existing Job Setup Sheet that you can generate from the Toolpaths Menu. You can access the gadget from the Gadgets Menu.

Change Logo

To change the logo from the default Vectric logo, press the button. This will open a dialog box enabling you to search your local computer for images to select. Images in landscape are better suited as they will be scaled down to W165 x H52 pixels. Images must either be JPG, PNG or GIF file format.


To change the default title of “Job Setup Sheet”, enter the desired title in the edit box.

Color options

There are two options to change the color of the Header and Footer blocks, you can either: Point and click the mouse in the colored edit box, this will bring up the color selector, select a color and then click anywhere outside of the selector to accept this. Type a colors hex value directly into the edit box.

Add or Remove Setup Sheet Information

Each of the 5 sections of the Job Sheet can either be included or removed to display as much information as required. The image to the left, represents a default Job Sheet which includes the following 5 sections:

  • Job Layout
  • Job Notes
  • Material Setup
  • Toolpaths Summary
  • Individual Toolpath Summaries

Restore to default sheet

Upon first successful run of this gadget, it will detect if you have already created a modified version of the Job Setup Sheet within the public gadgets directory, if so it will backup this Gadget so you could, if required restore it at a later date. If no modified gadget is found, it will backup the software default "Job Setup Sheet" so you have a copy if you want to revert back to the standard layout at a later date.