Offset Vectors

Selected vectors (open or closed) can be offset either inwards or outwards to create new vector shapes that might be useful for edge patterns or borders etc. To offset a vector shape, use the following steps:

  • Select the vectors to offset
  • Select the required direction - Outwards / Right or Inwards / Left
  • Enter the Distance
  • Click the button


The offsetting options are slightly different in their behavior depending on whether the vector to be offset is open or closed. See below for more information.

Create sharp offset corners

Will retain any sharp corners in a design.

Offset with Sharp Corners on
Offset with Sharp Corners off

Offsetting Open Vectors

When offsetting open shapes, the options are either to the Right or Left side of the selection. The direction of open vector(s) is very important as this is used to decide the right and left side of the selection. Selecting Node Edit mode (pressing N on the keyboard) will display a Green node at the start of the vector. Looking along the vector(s) from the green node indicates the direction and the image below shows offsets to the left and right of an open vector.

Usable In Both Views

This tool can be used in both the 2D and 3D View.

2D View offers a more direct way to view your vectors while 3D Offers more flexability to work with Vectors in 3D Designs and to make use of the Edit Boxes.