Keep-out Zones

Keep-out Zones are used to define areas of your material which it is not safe for a tool to pass through or over.

These can be used to represent hold downs such as clamps or screws which are protruding above the material and could damage tools should they collide.

Zone Creation

Any vectors selected to represent areas where the machine should not pass over for the Keep-out Zones will need to be closed vectors.

If a vector you want to select for the Keep-out Zones is an open vector you will need to make it a closed vectors before selecting it, you can do this by using one of the close or join vector options in the Design tab.


Enter a Clearance value if you need to extend the Keep-out Zone area beyond the area covered by the selected vectors.

Clear Zones

Use this to de-select all currently active Keep-Out Zones

Create from Selection

Create the Keep-out Zones from the currently selected Vectors, with the applied Clearance Offset.

Once created, Keep-out Zones are not linked to the Vectors used to make them and will remain even if the vectors are deleted.

Toolpath Warning

If a toolpath is created which intersects a Keep-out Zones, then you will see a warnings in the 3D View and also get a warning popup to alert you of this.