Search for Machine Online

The search for a machine online feature give you the ability to download a post file that matches your machine in both make and model, and also layout if rotary axis are present on your machine.

There are two ways to begin a search. Either start a job and then go to Machine > Search for a machine online or you can access the search for the machine online through the Machine Configuration Management by clicking the Search for a machine online icon. Also if you have no other machines loaded when you try and save out a toolpath file you will be prompted to perform an online search as well.

Once you have started the search a percentage bar will appear which will go to 100% once the initial download has been completed. Internet speeds may vary in the time this takes.

Once done you may see a message warning you that you are about to update your list of post processors and you will be given a or option to continue.

By clicking a box will appear with a number of drop down lists allowing you to choose the following options:


The company that made your machine.


This will typically bring up a few options for the overall series of your machine i.e. the name your manufacturer has given it.


Typically model will refer to the size of your machine as some manufacturers may make more than one size of machine in a series.


In some cases the only options will be a default one but for some machines that have a rotary axis you can define if the axis is on the X or the Y. If you are choosing a rotary axis it is critical that you select the correct orientation of your machine as this will have a big effect on the result.