Toolpath Tabs

The tab placement dialog allows you to place tabs either automatically or dynamically.

Add Tabs Automatically

Automatically place the tabs by setting the Tabs options and clicking the button

Specify Tabs

There are 2 options:

  • Constant number - Attempts to add the specified number of tabs by distributing them evenly along the vectors.
  • Constant distance between tabs - Attempts to add tabs at regularly spaced distances.


There are two options for placement of tabs. The first tab can be placed at the machining start point, using the corresponding option. Otherwise, the Avoid corners and curved regions option can be used. This option will try to avoid placing the tabs at corners, whilst still trying to use the options above which specify the number of tabs and the distance between them.


It may not always be possible to avoid all corners, whilst trying to place the chosen number of tabs and have them spaced relatively evenly.

Interactive Tab Entry

You can interactively add tabs by clicking in the 2D view.

Add Tab

Click on the vector where no tab exists to insert a new tab.

Delete Tab

Click on an existing tab to delete it.

Move Tab

Click on the tab and drag to move it along the vector into the new position.

Delete All Tabs

Click the button to delete all of the tabs.