Save All Visible Toolpaths as a Template

The Toolpaths ► Templates ► Save All Visible Toolpaths as Template menu command (or the associated icon) allows a group of toolpaths to be saved as a single template. As an example, the toolpaths may have all the settings used for Profiling and Pocketing operations for a particular type of job and material combination. These toolpaths settings can then be recalled simply by opening the template and selecting the appropriate vectors for each toolpath.

If toolpaths with the Vector Selection mode set to Automatic are saved as templates, these setting are saved with the template. When the template is re-opened and the toolpaths recalculated, they will automatically select all vectors which match the filters specified with the Vector Selector for that toolpath.

Multiple Sheets

If there are multiple sheets a message will be appear asking if you want to apply the template to every sheet in the job. If 'yes' is chosen the template will be applied to all the sheets and any toolpaths will be automatically calculated where possible. The toolpaths generated for each sheet will be prefixed by "Sn-" where 'n' is the number of the sheet for the toolpath. E.g if the template has a toolpath called "Cut Out" the associated toolpaths for each sheet will be:

"S1-Cut Out", "S2-Cut Out" etc.

If the template contains toolpaths that reference layers which do not exist in the current file the missing layers dialog will appear once and the option chosen will be used for every sheet the template is applied to. Choosing either 'Create the missing layers' or 'Load the toolpaths without creating missing layers' will mean that any toolpaths which reference those layers will be created as empty and have the visibility set to off.

If the toolpaths in the template use automatic vector selection then vectors matching the selection criteria can be created and the empty toolpath recalculated. If not using automatic selection an empty toolpath can be edited by double clicking on its name in the toolpath list or selecting the Edit Toolpath icon in the Toolpaths tab. Once the toolpath form is open, the vectors to be machined can be selected and the toolpath calculated using all the saved settings.