Wrapped Fluting Layout

This gadget is used to simplify the task of creating toolpaths to machine flutes and coves on a rotary work piece. The gadget is designed to be used in a rotary job

This gadget does NOT create toolpaths directly. It lays out vectors in the 2D view which can then have toolpaths created using either the Profile or Fluting toolpaths within the main program. The top part of the form allows the user to specify how many flutes to create and how far from the start and end of the work piece the flute should start and end. Flutes are laid out evenly spaced based on the circumference of the cylinder. If the user chooses to create coves at either or both ends, extra vectors will be created which can be machined with the Profile toolpath and the Machine Vectors On option to create the coves.

The bottom section of the form contains details about the cylinder dimensions and is presented for reference only.

After the gadget has run the vectors required for machining will be visible in the 2D view. If you have a 3D form for your rotary piece, you can use the Project toolpath onto 3D model option on the toolpath forms to have your fluting toolpaths follow the work piece surface.