Draw Curve

This tool creates a smooth, flowing, continuous curve through clicked points.


Draw Curve does not require an associated form, just use the mouse cursor directly within the 2D View.


  • Click in the 2D View to begin drawing at the clicked point.
  • Move the mouse pointer within the 2D View and click the left button to insert as many points as you require. A curve will be created that smoothly joins your points.
  • Click the right mouse button or press Esc to finish drawing your curve and close the tool.
  • Alternatively, press Space Bar to finish drawing one curve, but keep the tool active so that you can immediately begin drawing another curve.

Left Clicking

Left clicking when the mouse pointer is close to the first point on the curve will snap the curve closed.

Extending Contours

An existing open contour can be extended by holding down the Ctrl key and then clicking on either its start or end point.

CTRL clicking on the start point of a contour will cause the contour to be reversed before extending.